Not-so funny jokes

Firstly, Merry Christmas to all our readers!

Unfortunately, Christmas doesn’t mean that the malicious activities in cyberspace is going to stop, hence this posting.

Today we received a message that claims to have come from one of the Google Groups.

The message looked like this:

Following the link, a page that apparently serves video contents showed up. It then popped up a message asking for a plugin upgrade.

starting to sound familiar?

It also insists the plugin be installed by means of never ending popup windows.

When the “OK” button is clicked, a file is downloaded to the machine which is detected by Sophos as Mal/TDSSPack-Q.

This is a typical case of malware posing as plugins required for playing videos.

The advice here is to avoid following links contained in these kind of emails. Not enabling javascript will also help in this case, and if stuck in endless popup loop there is always the last option of killing the browser process (through task manager or other means).