Hotmail password phishing again

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I am a very lucky guy.

In fact, I must be the luckiest person in the world since spammers like to send all kinds of lucky spam to me.

These days, I get inundated with lucky spam. The last spam I had, I got offered a free gift card if I purchased some Viagra from them. Wow.

On other days, asking me to lose my weight results in instant chances of winning a lottery at the same time and all of this is due to my lucky email address.

But before I can get my lucky email address, they first need to verify my hotmail account.

Not a problem, right?

Not so fast, Speedy Gonzales. A quick observation by moving my mouse over the displayed link shows that the real link is in fact different from that which is being shown.

Although the login page looks the same as a Window Live page, I don't think Microsoft is that broke to host its website under another user's /albums/userpics/ hotmail-au/ web address folder.

Obviously, this is a password phishing spam that specifically targets Hotmail, which is similar to the Hotmail Password Scam Continuing phishing campaign we reported a while back.

So, I strongly advise customers to be careful of this kind of phishing emails when clicking links in emails and using web-based email services.

Remember, you may be still not be lucky as me, but at least you won't get your hotmail account compromised.

Good Luck :)

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One Response to Hotmail password phishing again

  1. Mike · 1510 days ago

    Until some scammers get sent to jail this will continue, and more legions of little old ladies will be robbed. If there was a gang mugging little old ladies and running off with their purses many times a day, for many days, and law enforcement and private companies involved (ok I guess the metaphor breaks down there) refused to do anything about it there would be a huge public outcry.

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