Mozilla admits Firefox add-on false alarm

As I reported on this blog at the time, last week Mozilla warned that two Firefox add-ons had been found to be infected by malware.

This week Mozilla has updated its blog in order to explain that one of those malware reports was erroneous – and that the detection of a Trojan horse in Version 4.0 of Sothink Video Downloader was in fact a false alarm in the anti-virus product they were using to scan Firefox add-ons.

Of course, you have to feel sorry for the developers of Sothink Video Downloader whose reputation could have been harmed by an incorrect claim of malware infection like this.

I don’t think that Mozilla was wrong to withdraw the add-on from availability while its status was under question, but I do think there should have been more checking before publicly labelling it “malware”.

Meanwhile, Mozilla has confirmed that the other add-on under scrutiny, Master Filer, was infected by a Trojan and downloaded by fewer than 700 people.