ISPs, Governments and Cybercrime

In the past two weeks, all three arms of Australian government – the legislature, the executive and the judiciary – have been in the international IT spotlight.

In a globally-watched lawsuit, the Australian movie industry took local ISP iiNet to court over copyright infringement. The movie guys lost.

Some self-styled hacktivists DDoSed a few public service and government websites, then spammed parliamentarians with porn, in Operation Titstorm. All this to prove to the Australian government how objectionable the “protesters” claim to find its proposed censorship plans.

And the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy condemned the Titstormers as “totally irresponsible” – a pretty mild criticism, all things considered.

Rob ForsythWho better to give a calmly rounded overview of these issues than SophOz’s very own Rob Forsyth, who is not only Managing Director of Sophos Asia Pacific, but also Deputy Chairman of the IIA and a board member of ISOC-AU?

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16 February 2010, duration 8:18 minutes, size 4MB

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Paul Ducklin and Rob Forsyth discuss recent Australian on-line security issues