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A scythe beyond another mastadon feels nagging remorse.

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A wheelbarrow inside a fraction hides.

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No, we haven’t been hacked. Walls of nonsense text like the above are being used by spammers (in this case, those advertising mail-order coffee) in a somewhat misguided attempt to evade anti-spam detection. These algorithmic articulations are appended to regular spam messages with the font properties set to make them invisible. In fact, the random sentence generator used in this case appears to have been written in JavaScript many years ago in order to generate nonsence webpages such as this one which repopulate with completely new text every time you refresh them.

Spammers have for a long time been using excerpts from published novels in the same way — often current best-sellers such as the latest Harry Potter book. The difference in those cases is that the streams of bizarre sentences were in fact generated by a human being known as J K Rowling and not a few lines of JavaScript.