Educate your users about social networking threats with our free toolkit

"Sally in the marketing department has put together a really handy package, which will help you educate your users about social networking threats. And the best news of all is that it’s completely free! Tell us all about it Sally.."

Sally Adam
Hi, I’m Sally Adam from the Sophos marketing team and I’m hijacking Graham’s blog to tell you about our new Social Media Security Toolkit.

As followers of the Clu-blog know only too well, malware infection and data loss through social networking sites are on the rise. And with one of the biggest security weakspots being users themselves, it’s important everyone knows the risks.

Which is where the Social Media Security Tookit comes in. It’s packed with resources to help you explain how social networking threats work, the dangers they possess, and also give practical advice on how to stay safe.

The toolkit includes videos on safe passwords and how to avoid phishing, PowerPoint presentations on social media threats, top tips for staying secure and an example social networking security policy.

You’re free to use the resources however you see fit. So stick them on your intranet, include them in training sessions, add your logos… whatever you want!

The whole idea for the toolkit came from feedback at our “Anatomy of an Attack” seminars last year – people told me they really enjoyed the sessions but would love to be able get the security message out to all their users. And so the social media security toolkit was born.

Learn more about the Social media toolkit and download it if you wish

For me, working on the toolkit was great. Well mostly.

We consulted over 50 IT managers to find out what sort of things they would use, and I got to work with security experts across Sophos. That was fine.

But it definitely learnt that I’m not cut out for a career behind the camera! Yes, it’s me in the phishing video and filming it was without doubt my most awkward moment in my years working at Sophos. I have renewed admiration for TV professionals!

Anyhow, do go ahead and download the toolkit – I hope it will help in the good fight against security threats!