Sophos Security Chet Chat episode 4

I am pleased to announce the publication of Sophos Security Chet Chat, Episode 4. We started this weekly podcast series a month ago and I am pleased that we have settled into a good rhythm and delivered all of the podcasts on schedule.

The purpose of this series is to provide between 7 and 15 minutes of content on a weekly basis that draws your attention to the important security and privacy issues and threats of the past 7 days. We intentionally keep it short so you can stay up-to-date without sifting through a lot of blog posts.

Most topics are covered in more depth on this blog, Graham’s blog, Duck’s blog, or the blog from SophosLabs. I will try to post any links I reference in the podcasts here on my blog as well to make them easier to find.

In this episode, our Product Evangelist Tony Ross and I discuss the recently released OS X 10.6.3 and Microsoft’s out-of-band fix for IE last Tuesday. We talk about the need for security software for Mac users, as well as the paper recently published by SophosLabs on Blackhat SEO poisoning. Tony shared with us that as a Facebook user he wasn’t aware of the pending changes to their privacy policy and some of the complexities of their privacy settings.

Download and listen to the Sophos Security Chet Chat episode 4 – OS X, Blackhat SEO and Facebook privacy

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