Klingon T-shirt: we have a winner!

Sophos Klingon t-shirt
You may remember that last month I ran a survey, offering a (very rare) Klingon Anti-Virus T-Shirt as a prize.

Well, I’m delighted to announce that the winner has now been drawn from hat, and congratulations are in order for… drum roll… Nephas Tembo, who works at Radio Christian Voice in Zambia!

Here’s how Nephas describes himself:

"I am guy who hates viruses/worms/Trojan horses name them! I am the IT technician at my workplace and we use Sophos as our anti-virus. I am responsible for all the computers, notebooks, laptops and servers. I also do other odd jobs, like connecting phones, cleaning the server room (no one is allowed there except the IT guys!). So if you visited our radio station and its cleaning time, you will find me draped in blue overalls!"

"I love the outdoors! I love watching sunsets! Weekends are fun-filled breaks for me."

Hmm.. well, apart from the fact that that last bit sounds a little like Nephas is writing a profile for an online dating website, he sounds a pretty charming fellow!

Well done Nephas! A T-shirt is on its way to you.

And thanks to everyone else who helped by answering the survey too. If you’re upset that you didn’t win the grand prize, don’t fret – there will be other opportunities to win goodies, so keep your eyes peeled.