New monthly roundup – "90 Second News"

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I've decided to start doing a monthly news roundup in what I refer to as vodcast format (apologies if I am misusing this term – vodcast, that is, not format). This is a podcast/video mashup aimed at making security news a bit more exciting than it might otherwise be.

The series is called 90 Second News, and the reason is simple. It's just 90 seconds of news. So there's no excuse for not watching it.

Look out for it in Patch Tuesday week every month.

Also, it's not just news. Each month, I'll choose a few good 'war stories', rather than necessarily the most interesting or important news items.

Each story I choose is, if you like, a sort of "morality tale" – the sort of story you can use if you are ever trying to convince someone else that security really is worth doing, and worth doing well. In particular, I try to link security events in the news with the implications for users in the workplace.

Watch and enjoy:

Or listen to the podcast:

16 April 2010, duration 2:18 minutes, size 2.1MB

Download Podcast

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Paul Ducklin is a passionate security proselytiser. (That's like an evangelist, but more so!) He lives and breathes computer security, and would be happy for you to do so, too. Paul won the inaugural AusCERT Director's Award for Individual Excellence in Computer Security in 2009. Follow him on Twitter: @duckblog