Spam fortune cookies

Spam fortune cookies
I’ve always had a sneaky respect for the inventiveness of spammers and other cybercriminals.

Although what they get up to is clearly morally and legally wrong, from time to time you have to respect their entrepreneurial zeal and ability to respond rapidly to new opportunities, if not their criminal behaviour and the victims they leave behind.

Which is why it gives me great pleasure whenever I see someone turn the tables, and take advantage of the spammers and hackers themselves.

Over at the XKCD store they’re selling some very special fortune cookies. Special because they contain messages derived from spam messages.

As they explain on their website, each pack contains 20 fortune cookies, complete “with the finest hand-picked spam email subject lines. Impress your friends with dessert that they can’t automatically filter into a junk folder!”

If you can think of other cybercrime-related culinary delights that someone could cook up, why not drop me a line?.