Out-of-date plugins for Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari? Mozilla can help

Mozilla dragon
The folks at Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox browser, have introduced a free service that checks for known buggy or insecure versions of plugins for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Plugins are the tiny micro-apps that augment your browser, helping you to watch videos online, view PDF documents, etc.

Usually plugins aren’t written by the same people who developed your web browser, which might mean that some of you have struggled to keep up to speed about the latest security vulnerabilities and latest updates. And clearly that’s bad news when more and more hackers are exploiting the more commonly-used plugins in their attacks.

Mozilla began checking Firefox plugins were up-to-date earlier this year, but has now extended its service to cover other popular web browsers as it explains on its blog.

Mozilla checking for out-of-date plugins for Internet Explorer

It’s great that Mozilla has extended its service to offer an additional security check for users of other browsers. Hopefully it will encourage more computer users to keep their systems patched, and make life more difficult for hackers.

So, whether you’re using Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, maybe you should check out the Firefox Plugin Check page now.