Sophos at AusCERT 2010 – #DecoDeme T-shirt puzzle text

AusCERT 2010 is starting in one hour.

To help you enter the competition, and so you can spend this evening at the cocktail party, not typing in encoded text off the T-shirt, here it is in computer-friendly form:

|xj/MD'              gULH|
|JrY'                BbVi|
|Tlx|   Y4NgmoOxWoxH4yL5d|
|VDR|   oTseHh8f6WK359lQU|
|qJy\              \YJOGt|
|xhN5I\              \dlr|
|qoJvnIznRDXvHjPWZ   |SY7|
|Lz31nKtYPklkV0F6w   |AKr|
|1E17                ,Vk5|
|afng              ,hp63R|
  D  E  C  O  D  E  M  E

You still need to come to the Sophos stand and to pick up your T-shirt, as you have to be wearing the shirt (amongst other things) in order to be eligible for the prize.

Good luck, and keep your eyes on #decodeme on Twitter. Or stop me around and about the AusCERT venue.