Job Seeker Driven To Desperation

The recent share market plunge has hit me hard. The Euro is crashing and everyone’s doubting the global economic recovery. I am faced with economic catastrophe and with inflation eating into my salary, I am plunging deeper into the darkness of poverty. With millions of people jobless, how can I complain?

One individual somewhere in India has decided to take his joblessness into his own hands. Rather than waiting  for more government stimulus or handouts, he wrote a Visual Basic script worm claiming that it acts like a worm but it is not.

His uber-l33t script merely removes some files with some dodgy looking filenames. However, he also decided to brand the user’s Internet Explorer window title with his name.

In order to get more publicity, his script will write to removable drives so that his job pleadings can replicate.

Sadly, his ‘resume’ has been trashed due to W32/Autorun-BCW, (Boo-Hoo) I reckon that if he can spell properly, he probably would have gotten a job now. :'(