Sophos’s greatest video hits

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We publish regular videos up there about the latest security news, live demonstrations of threats, and tips on how to better protect your computers.

Fellow Naked Security writer fellow blogger Paul Ducklin produces an entertaining but educational 60-second roundup of the top security stories each week. The “60 Second Security” series is well worth checking out.

Here’s his latest:

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We’ve now posted around 100 videos, and there are more to come.

Here’s a smorgasbord of randomly chosen videos which may give you a feel for what we do up there.

First up, we’ve made a series of videos which try to explain the secret goings on at SophosLabs.. to choose a more secure password (that is still easy to remember)..

..and raise awareness of the problem of zombie botnet computers in the run-up to Halloween.

We also demonstrate how cybercriminals launch their attacks and spread malware, like this example which posed as a sex video of actress Leighton Meester which didn’t care if you were running a Mac or a Windows computer:

Sometimes we go on location, like when we visited the streets of Bristol to investigate identity theft..

And sometimes we go a little bit off the wall..

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