Hanging up on World Cup spam

With all the excitement and fanfare of the World Cup as it gets underway, within SophosLabs there is naturally an expectation of soccer related spam — and now it appears as though the spammers are cornering the mobile device network as well!

Now, despite the spammers learning how to use SMS gateways, they obviously haven’t figured out how to use grammar checkers as the statement “…your cell have won US$…” suggests.

I’d give that a yellow card!

For the unsolicited recipients of such SMS spam, the same rules of thumb apply as to regular spam:

a) winning a prize for a competition one did not enter is odd to say the least

b) getting 5.8Million dollars for doing nothing – yeah, right

c) replying to a world renowned soccer organization via a yahoo account in Hong Kong, uhu!

So rather than blindly replying to such messages, send the sender off the field with a red card +++ATH0