Sophos Security Threat Monitor available in Apple App Store

Sophos Security Threat Monitor in the App Store

Sophos Security Threat Monitor in the App Store

I am pleased to announce the official launch of our new application for iPhone, iPod and iPad – the Sophos Security Threat Monitor.

As more and more folks spend less and less time at their desks we thought it would be helpful to have an app in your pocket that lets you stay on top of the latest threats, news, and of course the Sophos blogs.

The application is fed live data from SophosLabs. The information is updated 24/7/365 by our threat analysts in Oxford, Boston, Vancouver and Sydney. Because it can be difficult to read text on the display of mobile devices, we have created easy-to-see visualizations, charts and maps.

The first section of the application highlights our weekly threat spotlight. The threat spotlight provides in-depth analysis on three of the most common or interesting threats found by the SophosLabs team. You can read about how the threats work, what files they change, and what you can do to protect yourself.

The threats section of the application shows the ten latest identities published for Sophos Anti-Virus and contains information about these threats, such as the type, operating system and prevalence in the wild.

Sophos Threat Monitor stats

The stats area is one of my favorites. As you can see in the screenshot to the right, it provides an up-to-the-minute look into three of the primary threat vectors we see in the lab.

One stats chart shows the top 5 malware threats being detected by our global anti-spam network.

Another stats chart provides insight into the origins of spam by continent. I like this one as it is a very different view than the dirty dozen spamming countries chart we publish. When viewing by continent you can see trends better than you can looking at specific countries.

Another stats chart shows the most prominent threats currently being distributed by infected websites. Currently this shows that most sites are hosting malicious script tags, iFrames and other redirectors that send you to malicious content. Most sites infected these days are not hosting the exploit code; instead, they send users to the malicious code hosted elsewhere.

Sophos Threat Monitor maps

The maps section of the app uses Google Maps to provide a real-time view of the latest sources of spam, malware, and infected websites. Unlike the stats section, it shows just the latest sources and allows you to tap an icon and see what the subject or malware associated with the campaign is.

One map shows the sources of email that contains malicious attachments. Tapping one of the icons on the map shows the sender and threat.

The latest spam view (shown at right) shows spam sources that are not malicious and will provide the subject and sender of the spam message.

Another map shows the latest sites that have been compromised to host malicious scripts and malware. Tapping one of the icons shows the name of the Sophos identity that protects our users from being infected by this site.

Sophos Threat Monitor blogs

The final area of the application, More, provides links to our latest press releases, blogs, vulnerability analysis from SophosLabs, and the latest Sophos Security Threat Report.

This has now become one of the primary applications for my iPod Touch because it allows me to stay up to date with Graham’s, Paul’s and SophosLabs’ latest posts from my pocket. It is an excellent reference when I speak to the press as well.

If you are an Apple mobile device user I hope you will give our new application a try. I find it an invaluable resource to stay updated on the threat landscape and expect you will too. You can search for Sophos in the Apple App Store, or if you have iTunes installed you can go straight to the Sophos Security Threat Monitor.