Sophos’s Top 10 Kung Fu sales tips

Things are going to be a bit quieter than normal on the Clu-blog front for a couple of weeks as I take a break to recharge my batteries. Hopefully some guest bloggers will pop up to keep the blog motoring while I’m away.

But in the meantime, let me share with you something a little off the wall (and utterly unrelated to computer security).

Ciaran Rafferty, who heads up our sales and marketing teams here in the UK, was asked to make a video for an online magazine, sharing his “top tips” on how to sell. Ciaran thought that sounded a little boring, so he spiced things up by sharing the camera with one of Sophos’s top sales people (and martial arts expert) Jer Jang.

See what happens in the following YouTube video:

Yes, it is a little off-the-wall but I hope you enjoyed it. We can’t promise that all of our videos are like this (in fact, none of them are), but do subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to see more from our team.