Podcast with SophosLabs on emerging threats

During last week’s Sophos Security Chet Chat (episode 14) Michael Argast and I had a discussion about responsible media. We spent some time talking about AT&T’s screwup of disclosing email addresses of iPad purchasers and how this really was not Apple’s problem. We also dove into the disclosure of a bug in Microsoft Help Center by Tavis Ormandy of Google and whether his behavior was truly ethical. Give it a listen.

While traveling to Boston to attend the Workshop on Social Networking and the Usenix Annual Technical Conference I made a point to stop by SophosLabs in Burlington, MA. Richard Wang from the lab was kind enough to spend a few minutes sharing his thoughts on some recent emerging threats and how our labs approach protecting our customers. We discuss the Adobe 0-day flaw in Flash, the Microsoft Help Center flaw and the changing content of malicious web code.

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Paul Ducklin has also posted his 90 second news for June 2010. Rather than describe it, I will take Paul’s advice… “Don’t read the news, watch it!”

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