Want to see who has viewed your Facebook profile? Take care..

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I'm increasingly being asked by folks on Facebook if it's possible to tell who has been viewing their Facebook profile. A number have been attracted to webpages and Facebook applications that claim to be able to give you a secret insight into who is spying on your profile.

Well, if you're one of those people who are curious about who might be watching you online, take care.

Right now we're seeing a significant number of Facebook users posting messages such as:

OMG OMG OMG... I can't believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your profile!!! WOAH


See who views your Facebook profile in real-time!!!

See who views your profile

However, like the "Justin Bieber cell phone number" scam and the "This mother went to jail for taking this pic of her son!" scam, the links pointed to in your friends' status updates are not to be trusted.

If you make the mistake of clicking on the link to one of these pages offering to tell you who is viewing your Facebook profile, you will find that the people behind the "services" want you to do a few things first.

See who has viewed your profile scam page

For instance, they'll ask you to "Like" their pages (which means you are spreading the link to friends in your social network), and they will ask you to advertise their site by posting an "OMG" message (with a link) to at least five different places on Facebook.

After all that hard work you would hope that they would give you access to the powerful Profile Spy app wouldn't you? But I'm afraid your luck is out.

They'll next ask you to hand over your personal information by taking numerous surveys - before ultimately trying to trick you into handing over your cellphone number which they'll sign up to an expensive premium rate service.

See who has viewed your profile scam page

Remember, this scam doesn't work as the result of clickjacking, or a vulnerability on Facebook. The scammers are achieving their ends because of human gullibility - pure and simple. If people considered what they were doing and thought twice about the possible consequences then we would see nothing like as many of these attacks occurring, and our news feeds on Facebook would see less spam.

Do your bit for the public good and share this page on Facebook to warn your online friends about scams like this. Press the button at the side to share this article if you're a Facebook user.

Interestingly, the pages that this particular scam points you to aren't on Facebook, but still display a fake Facebook header at the top. You will notice if you visit them that although the top menu options are there, they cannot be clicked on - which clearly makes the pages look even more suspect.

Ultimately you have to have your wits about you to avoid scams like this. If you or your friends keep falling for these sort of confidence tricks, or want to learn more about security threats, don't forget you can join the Sophos page on Facebook.

You could also do a lot worse than check out our best practices for better privacy and security on Facebook guide.

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111 Responses to Want to see who has viewed your Facebook profile? Take care..

  1. It's baaaaack. Under a different name of course. It got deleted last time I posted a warning on my IT security page, maybe they'll pay more mind if you post it.

  2. mary lou jenkins · 1751 days ago

    i'm getting texts from someone on this site and i need them to stop. They are coming to my cell phone, has anyone else getting them? please contact whoever and tell them they must stop. thank you.

    • Aled · 1198 days ago

      try replying the word "STOP" to the number that is sending you all these texts

      • cjamor · 1168 days ago

        i tried "STOP" too but it keeps on saying i have the wrong keyword.... every WAP they send costs P10. gosh.. where can i report this???

        • solakv · 736 days ago

          If you're on AT&T, forward the SMS message to 7726 (SPAM in the North American lettering of the phone digits) and they'll look into it.

      • Manjula · 719 days ago

        My face book has been hacked

  3. arjunKR · 1718 days ago

    days before i too clicked on such application,i know they all were fake,but with curiosity i clicked on it after that the application started post that "OMG" message on all my friends walls....lots of my friends clicked on them too,but then i realized and asked them not to click such links in future......for orkut we can use some php scripts to hack but facebook is different

  4. so in other words .. no you CANT find out who views your page `???

    • From Facebook's own FAQ:

      "Facebook does not provide a functionality that enables you to track who is viewing your profile, or parts of your profile, such as your photos. Third party applications also cannot provide this functionality. Applications that claim to give you this ability will be removed from Facebook for violating policy. "

    • terri · 1591 days ago

      Why should I care anyway? The only thing that anyone other than my friends can see about me are my picture and a few totally innoucous things.

    • jill · 1469 days ago

      i thought that was what this app was for i want to see who is looking at my profile

      • Karl Bedding · 1361 days ago

        But why? "Your" account on FB is not yours anyway. Nothing connected to the internet is private. That's rule #1. Material shared in public, is considered public. As a private person you have no right to monitor a public place. If you consider information private, keep it out of public. It's that simple.

  5. Brooke Exley · 1699 days ago

    That's right, you can't find out. Trust
    me I have tried.

  6. The "first status" messages are also survey scams.

    See our articles at https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/01/12/first-... and https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/01/06/my-1st...

  7. Gopher · 1695 days ago

    That is 100% Fake too, and a scam.

  8. dev · 1690 days ago

    but facebook can find out who viewed, and under court order others could too

    • Freida Gray · 1260 days ago

      No,Facebook can't find out who viewed your profile/timeline,even under court order.NOBODY has the ability to control how other people use their computers or track what those people click on unless they have installed a form of spyware on the computer.Even then, the only computer they can track is the computer that has the spyware.Unless Facebook illegally installs spyware on all users computers,they have no way of knowing where you go on the net or what you click on;so any court order would be basically useless as far as that goes.

      • Todd · 1219 days ago

        Actually common cookies used by most 3rd party tracking vendors give feedback to your preferences and web browsing history. When you download one of the social network sites you better believe they've installed a cookie on your computer. They do this to give the user a better experience next time but these cookies probably collect more info than you think about your personal web habits and history.

  9. funfun · 1689 days ago

    if its not possible to know who views your profile, then why earlier today was i looking at someones pictures who i dont have as a friend, and now just a few hours later they are randomly and quite coincidentally set to private profile(meaning i must be friends with them)

  10. Faustina · 1684 days ago

    @funfun that's great question becuz the same situation happened with me. Something is happening either knowingly or unknowingly with FB that links viewed profiles as FB friends. My situation happened after a guest used my computer to log on her FB account. Some of her contacts were later added to my list. Another time someone was added to my list from a news feed from which I left a comment. I have checked my settings. Are there others this has happened to?

  11. james · 1684 days ago

    see this on a mates facebook and thought i wouldn't mine knowing who's been looking at my profile but before i did that i google it first and found this, well i'm glad i did so post a comment on it on my frends facebook where the link was putting a warning to stop others, but as i did it all just vanished. well i think that just speaks for its self.

  12. I am very intrigued to know if ppl are viewing me... Sad i know!! But will there ever be anything in the future for such a thing? Bebo has it... Why not FB??

    • Because its a violation of privacy, the fact Bebo has it, is one reason why Bebo is dieing.
      If you are 'friends' with someone on FB why should it matter if they look at your profile?
      Not to mention that if people who aren't your friends on FB can see your profile you need to secure it with your privacy settings.

      If you post anything online its a good idea to assume anyone can see it, the internet is public, even with security/passwords etc nothing is ever 100% safe.

      I do think FB should make more of an effort to keep these apps out of FB as they are a scams anyway. I would have thought they could have some scripts running to stop posts like 'See who has viewed your profile'.

      • ima · 1314 days ago

        how to set privacy so people who is not on my friends list can't see my profile? please help and thanks.

      • nite · 1143 days ago

        Because people like Kerrie are attention whores. They want that feeling of being a celeberty with dozens of stalkers, and yet pretend to be modest.

        Only let friends see your profile, and you dont need to worry about internet stalkers.

        Make your profile public and post provocative pictures on it... well...

  13. Wendy · 1678 days ago

    How about Twitter? Can I see who has visited my twitter page?

    • Nope. Not unless you've marked your Twitter page as "private", in which case you control who has access to it.

      But even then you can't tell which of your approved Twitter followers is actually reading your tweets.

  14. Jason · 1677 days ago

    its a facebook, who cares whos on your profile if its such a promble LEAVE FACEBOOK

  15. I refer the right honourable gentleman to the answer I give here:

  16. Angie · 1650 days ago

    I have just clicked on a link on facebook, which told me I could view who has viewed my profile, I stupidly (yes I know) down loaded something on my computer. It then started to scan my computer but I cancelled it half way through. Is there any way I can see what has been downloaded and remove it????

    • nite · 1143 days ago

      Congratulations you have malware, spyware and possibly a virus. You will want to run your anti-virus / anti-malware software now.

      You DO have antivirus software, right?

  17. Glad I found this. I've had a few "OMG" messages like those described above and thought I'd check it out first. Graham, fyi, you're no. 3 in google.co.uk for "facebook - how to find out who has viewed your profile". BTW, I actually think it's a bit odd for people to think it's a bit odd (!?) for their ex's or anybody else to view their profiles. It's perfectly natural isn't it? What might be odder is to become obsessed about who is viewing your profile. Who would actually be more likely to develop stalker tendencies here? Thanks for the clarification.

    • britt · 1144 days ago

      if someone wants to stalk me on facebook go ahead.i could use some excitement

      • Donald Wilson · 563 days ago

        Lol Britt but I know where your coming from a little excitement from time to time would be nice.

  18. MissBoo · 1630 days ago

    Facebook would loose alot of their members if people were able to detect who was viewing their page. I mean lets be real, we all do it, wheather its an ex bf /gf, ex friend, enemy, or even a crush.. NO1 wants to be seen as a stalker so that would make folks less intrested in using FB because "We dont want to be viewed as a stalker or an obsessed manic freak"... we as Americans have wayyy to much pride I admit that lol. FB would die quickly! I think thats why they are going so hard to put a hault to all these ways to find out whose "stalking you". Give me a break, guess that makes me a stalker.. Cause girlllll I be on everybody page LOL


  19. Michele · 1629 days ago

    I looked up an old friend once on fb, i just checked out his profile one time didnt message comment nothing. We had no mutual friends no friends of friends nothing on fb. Then a couple weeks later he showed up on the top of my "people you may know" list and was there for several days. This never happened before and has not happened since and ive done such a thing many times and visited others sites several times. Funny thing is it happened to be a friend i had a falling out with and it sorta gave me an excuse to contact him again, it was a perfect "ice breaker" we reconnected and are closer than ever before.

  20. Fahad · 1624 days ago


    I wana know how can i then know who viewed my facebook profile without falling in the trap of these probs.

  21. Aitch · 1601 days ago

    Why does anyone need or want to know who has viewed their profile? It's a social networking site - of course people view your profile. If it's friend then why wouldn't they, and if it's a stranger and you don't want them to just change your privacy settings.

  22. opinionator · 1598 days ago

    If you're suspicious of such activity, then why do people have thousands of contacts?? And if you are one to have that many contacts, I would definatly consider you to be The Stalker.. And if you do have that many actual friends, I would love to attend your party!!

    • Tammy · 1319 days ago

      so true. I laugh at the ppl that have hundreds of "friends" on fb. Its crazy!!!Now days, your lucky if you have one TRUE FRIEND. They are hard to come by....

    • sdfssdfsf · 1187 days ago

      Don't stalkers focus on one person, not thousands? What a moronic comment.

  23. Rod · 1595 days ago

    We've just seen this virus now, but what does it do?
    I was first tagged in my friends post. I just pressed the notification to understand what it is and then I got this statistic report of 'how many times I visited her page'.
    I've traced this on my wall later and marked it as spam, then it was gone. removing it the 'normal' way didn't work.

    Other than this, does this Virus do anything more?


  24. james · 1592 days ago

    "Why does anyone need or want to know who has viewed their profile?" because you want to be aware of the girls that have crushes on you but stay quiet. duh lol

    • dave · 1464 days ago

      thank you your comment is a no brainer for all the idiots who post their lame ass comments. I'm with u of course i want to know never no when a booty call can come out of it

    • and this is the generation that is going to solve all of the world's problems? i'm so glad i will be "dust in the wind" by then

  25. Guest · 1586 days ago

    I recently had someone who is on my Friends List on FB tag me as one of her Top 10 stalkers. Embarrassing! I have visited this persons page but not all that frequently and not much more than any others I visit. If it is not possible to track visits on FB how or where would this information come from?

    • Freida Gray · 1260 days ago

      from your friend's timeline/profile page.These apps go to the victim's profile/timeline page,count the first (whatever number) of people who have posted something on that page,& use that as their list.The thing is,I doubt that any of these apps actually list themselves as 1 of the "stalkers".

  26. James BikeMan Gould · 1584 days ago

    It's against the Facebook terms and conditions for any Facebook App to tell you who's been looking at your profile - the sooner people learn this the better!

    Since Facebook don't want developers making applications that tell people how many profile views they've had, I would doubt the tools required to do it are in the Facebook API! So an App that promises to show whose been viewing your profile, will for the foreseeable future always be fake!

    • cheez, i wish it was THAT easy to tell fake from real with all the other bogus stuff we encounter in our lives each and every day

  27. lisa michel · 1575 days ago

    geez all this for wat? haha noothing!!!

  28. Stocker Flocker · 1575 days ago

    Im glad that it's fake because I like to stock my ex-girlfriend

    • can i have the recipe for your "stock"?

      • Amadahn · 877 days ago

        2 onions
        1 stick celery
        1 carrot
        I clove garlic
        1 bay leaf
        1 ex-girlfriend

        Simmer gently for 3 hours. Add bitterness and jealousy to taste.

        Best eaten cold.

  29. morgan · 1572 days ago

    i was just had by this and it has sent it to all my contacts...any way to reverse this? doh

  30. Bernd · 1497 days ago

    It's not JUST human gullibility at fault here. They exploit something more insiduous that that even. The premium rate cell phone services. I got done by one these once and it was simply because I had no idea (call that gullible maybe) that by giving someone the rigth to send you text messages that you could also be giving them the right to bill you for it. This was nowhere stated or written in the service that got me. No problem I unsubscribed, and in the interim have lobbied my telephone provider to provide me with a premium SMS prohibition on my phone. I don't want any premium SMS sevrice ever, stop so just don't let my phone receive them. That has notw been achieved and is possible but it still predicates an understanding that by giving someon your cell number, they can send you a message that costs you money. In Australia, where I'm writinbg from, such an idea is simply not widely held or understood and hence the problem is as much a pathetic product offering by telecom providers that does not correlate with teh markets perceptions or needs. There are trivial technical fixes for this that telecoms can implement.

    For example before charging me for a messge form any new number, send me a free message telling me what's going on (much like reverse charged calls used to operate), "Service X or number X is trying to send you a premium text message. You will be billed $2 to receive this message. Would you like to receive it?" And if I sanser Yes, then ask if it should remember permissio form this service. Etc.

    Trivial customer service. Suych scams work not just human gullibility, but on pathetic service provision loopholes.

  31. parth · 1463 days ago


    I wana know how can i then know who viewed my facebook profile without falling in the trap of these probs

  32. kadee · 1454 days ago

    So my friends facebook is private and somehow someone is able to go on it and give information to others about her. Is there a way of knowing who is doing this?

  33. Joe · 1453 days ago

    God only knows how many friends I have warned about this scam. Yet, it still shows up in my news feed.

  34. samantha · 1443 days ago

    i love facebook it like have a phone ur always on it

  35. earlene liles · 1416 days ago

    I would love 2 know who looks at my fb....I don't consider this stalking but curiousity!

  36. Tony Gawarecki · 1342 days ago

    anybody stupid enough to click this deserves it

  37. Rhone Clem · 1301 days ago

    I've been told by a few of my fb friends to I could check who has been looking at my profile. But now your telling me NO I CAN'T. My question to you is why the xxxx not. With the crazy ppl out there. I'm only on Facebook because I have grandkids and framily all over this planet. I just think there needs to be away for some1 to check and see who is looking at there profile! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • nite · 1143 days ago

      Don't. Make. Your. Profile. Public.

      Don't. Accept. Friend. Invites. From. People. You. Don't. know.

  38. Arnold Magee · 1293 days ago

    If you do not receive a stock share or a check from F.B., You are a FREEBIE TO THEM. No cost maintenance free item on the shelf

  39. Rajen Mirdha · 1284 days ago

    Facebook is not only F.A.C.E.B.O.O.K . It is the line of friendship, coaching of behaviour, support of love, tongue of feelings and much more. RAJEN.

  40. she ardomat · 1263 days ago

    what about someone who has i guess deleted u or blocked u ..can he still view your profile? because i cant seem to his profile..Dont ask about why i was blocked or removed.there are personal reasons he considers and i perfectly understand him.At least he told me so before he removed me.I just want to know if he can still view my profile and comments in public..

    • jane · 1159 days ago

      hai im jane
      he can never view u anymore....if u block him...

    • pie · 992 days ago

      if u r blocked by a friend he or she can never see ur profile even if u will change ur name..if that person who blocked u or the person blocked will sign up with another profile then that person can see ur profile

  41. paul bentley · 1238 days ago

    im just curious about who and why people want to look into others buisness who they dont even know

  42. LDC · 1233 days ago

    Definitely!! I guess, creator of Facebook is smart enough not to have a "Who's viewed me?" section on Facebook. That's the downfall of Friendster. After all, we are all stalkers in different level. If Facebook will activate "Who's viewed me?" section, less people will try to use facebook, since stalking can be traced.

  43. Andy B · 1227 days ago

    I think alot of people are also missing another complete factor... where the hell does facebook store all this information... Millions of people looking at each others profiles each and everyday .... That would be a hell of a lot of information to store somewhere and then have to have it available for you to look at... simply way too complicated and wastefull to actually implement. If you are seriously that concerned learn more about facebooks privacy settings and limit what others can and can't read. If you are worried about a particular person block them they wont even know you exist. Sure they can get friends to check but again if your settings are correct in privacy then no one will obtain anything more than the basics. Learn about privacy settings at

    You wouldnt use a chainsaw without knowing how to first ! So why should facebook be any different.

  44. sammy · 1225 days ago

    I like this to see who cares for me.

  45. Internaut · 1207 days ago

    Scammers are doing what comes easy - claiming to share the pot of gold from the rainbow and selling something that is "amazing"; like old fashioned snake-oil hucksters. If one is going to enter the circus, they should be prepared for anything, and avoid everything they don't recognize and take only enough information they can afford to lose.

  46. Bugsy · 1205 days ago

    I left Facebook. Its a complete waste of time. If I wanna visit my friends I call them on the phone. Facebook and other social sites are nothing more than a place for people to hang out who suffer from the look at me syndrom.

  47. maria · 1192 days ago

    I when to someones twitter page ones and the next time i go i was lock of the game, so that means the they CAN see you is looking at there page?

  48. Fake Friends · 1191 days ago

    why not just block people who you don't want lurking around your profile? Simple

  49. priya · 1189 days ago

    if a person is not my fb friend but if the person view my profile will i be able to know that?

  50. Szabi · 1179 days ago

    see facebook help center for this question: http://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=210896588933875

    however I believe it is possible to make an app which works like this:
    Every time the app is called(is visible on homepage) takes the whole page HTML cod and reads the information and saves a profile picture a name and some other info to provide a link to that user. By opening the Facebook app with youre name you will see the info about your visitors.

    I do not intend to create this app.

  51. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital to

    assert that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts.

    Anyway I'll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently fast.

  52. Brotha love · 1171 days ago

    The only closest thing I know about who has recently viewed your fb profile is,once you have logged in,then hit the refresh page button a couple of times,the little arrow at the end of the internet address ///
    Now the friends who appear first in your little friend window or the first ones that appear
    on your page in that little box are generally the last ones who viewed your profile.
    you can always test this for yourself I suppose,by getting a friend to view your profile while you are not logged on and then go on within a few minutes after they are done and see for yourself if there name is one of the first ones you see amongst your friends. Just try it when you are logged in next,and do it every 5-10 mins,hit the refresh page button and you should notice it changes the order of friends around.If it does not change it means you are not very popular today....lol
    Hope this helps!!

  53. pmossgate · 1170 days ago

    You may want to look into how every single site/page that uses a facebook, google plus, tweet, or any other social type link on it takes forever to load, just like this page did, and the home page did. And like I said, it's just not this site, its every single site/page that has these links on them. I first noticed it on Yahoo, then on 3 different news sites I read, then on blogs I read, then, well it was occurring everywhere I went, still does. It's annoying waiting for a site/page to load these links when the content is what matters.

  54. amy · 1169 days ago

    wow totally didnt know this :O thanks for the warning :) x

  55. mercy deikumah · 1142 days ago

    someone have enter my profile and lock my profile please msg them to re -
    open my profile coz am finding difficult to long in thanks. please warn them for me.

  56. Flavia · 1132 days ago

    my account was shut down due to phishing .unknowingly i loged into who views your profile.how can i recover my old+account .please help

  57. Jereid · 1128 days ago

    FRIENDSTER is much better, when it comes to profile views . . . . . . its the one thing that many people want , but Facebook still digesting in its system .

  58. Deb Lineker · 1115 days ago

    I have fallen for this. Is there anything I can do about it now? I'm worried

  59. Anna Lysovski · 1110 days ago

    Guys, once i've found the same "offer" in VK.. I couldn't know myself who followed my page, but I was absolutely convenced others could ... So for quiite a long period of time i'd been avoiding to watch most of my" friends" (especially ex's ) pages.. Jeeze that was s o rediculous clicking occasionally on someones page shivering all the day in fear that one would notice!! )))
    But still.... should anybody know how to know... )))))))))))))))))))

  60. karam · 1110 days ago

    but facebook can find out who viewed, and under court order others could too

  61. Jordyn · 1100 days ago

    I know people look at other peoples Facebook profile all the time even me so the whole reason is because i want to see if my crush looks at my Facebook profile

  62. bharathvada · 1082 days ago

    its a fake.... because when u like u have to give your user id and password...
    after few minutes if u open directly it opens without asking any security... be careful...

  63. andrea · 1081 days ago

    love this...

  64. Paulette Cloutier · 1066 days ago

    Graham, I'm getting pics of half naked women on my facebook page, how do I get rid of that, if I click because it says I have a message or what not, the a site opens up but my antivirus program does not allow this site, which is great but i want to get rid of it completely. How can I do that? thank you

  65. Hackerkepzes · 1045 days ago

    Haha, imagine if you could insert a Google Analytics tag for your profile and can analyize your profile's traffic! :D

  66. Elodie Adeline · 1028 days ago

    who visit ur profile...

  67. jim stojan · 973 days ago

    so is there any way you can check if someone is checking your profile on facebook

  68. Amthomas · 956 days ago

    You can set your privacy settings to where only friends can view your information. If someone's worried about their "friends" looking at their profile, why would they friend them or accept their friend request in the first place?

  69. Ben Smith · 950 days ago

    I hope I was fortunate?

    Symantec blocked everthing (I hope) in time

  70. No, your privacy settings can protect you - so they'll only know your email address if you made it public, etc.

    Of course, you need to be careful about Facebook apps too

  71. Jarmez · 855 days ago

    Actually there was once an app that you could get on Android and it could tell you daily or weekly or what ever you choose....who are the people that have deleted you. I think I still have the apk somewhere?

    Anyway, that was not part of the Facebook API, but I believe the developer just did database analysis to get around this. Take A from B and what is left is your answer. Simple really.

    By the way facebook sucks balls now. I think I am either going to take a holiday away from facebook for a while or possibly permanently? Its such a time sink!

  72. john alfred cordero · 850 days ago

    oh.. its ok

  73. soniya akter · 809 days ago

    Thanks a lot........

  74. Marty · 791 days ago

    Facebook may hold a record themselves of who visits who's page, it would be very handy in tracking ppl being investigated by the authorities. i.e. paedophiles and cases of bullying or harrassment but to general public i think it would be a bad thing as it would easily be something that could be abused by scammers etc....

  75. RAHEEMY EDWARDS · 788 days ago


  76. i would like to know who has view my profile ststs

  77. daniel oloo · 490 days ago

    it occurred to me that there is a posibility that after using facebook one may accidentally fail to log out of the platform, of course in a case where people share pc the next person will find a tab perhaps idling and has to log out before inserting their own username and password, before performing the log out and log in their own passwords, one might view the previous user's profile simply by clicking the profile button, one might ask why the hype, in a case where the profile is kept private and only selected friends able to see the profile when one views it yet its not among the selected list of friends, such a person might have misused the information found in the profile but
    what would such information contain?
    The details of the user and the music they like apart from that some pictures and images of course that would maybe nude, or taken and to be shared with only selected friends.
    In this context limiting the idle time of unused profiles by shutting within a given period of time ten minutes upon idle to twenty answer so forth as an additional application that should be included in facebook that requires the user to once again insert the password.
    Tools and Settings would allow the user to limit the time of idle based on their consideration simply by clicking the appropriate idle time.

    Thanks regards

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