Podcast with SophosLabs on Black Hat and Defcon

Defcon 18: Barely Legal

Defcon 18: Barely Legal

The past week and a half have been more than a bit crazy. Between the release of our mid-year threat report and attending Black Hat USA 2010 and Defcon I have barely had a moment to think.

Fortunately Vanja Svajcer made some time to sit down with me in my Vancouver studio and discuss four of the most interesting sessions we had the chance to see in Las Vegas. Vanja has worked for Sophos for over 10 years and is currently based in Croatia. His knowledge and experience helped me make more sense of the chaos at these conferences and provided insight into what it all means.

You can also download this podcast directly in MP3 format: Sophos Security Chet Chat episode 21.

In addition to this week’s podcast you can check out Paul Ducklin’s blog from Black Hat on cybervictory, and Vanja’s thoughts on Black Hat and ATM hacking. I will be posting more content over the next few weeks now that we have time to research all the talks and digest the content.