Computer crime in the future (as predicted in 1981)

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I was sent a link to this marvellous article on the Paleo-Future blog about a book which predicted the future of computer crime.. in 1981.

Here is the double page spread from "School, Work and Play (World of Tomorrow)":

Computer Crime in the future - as predicted in 1981

Click the above image to see a larger version, and read the text.

I love stuff like this. It reminds me of my childhood, reading the latest episodes of "The Trigan Empire" in "Look & Learn" magazine, and contemplating that I would actually be alive to see the year 2001..

But boy! Doesn't this just prove what a hard job it is to predict the future?

As computers are used more and more, it is likely that computer crime will become increasingly difficult to carry out.

And just look at the size of that computer! It's taking up half of the cybercriminal's living room. I bet today's computer crime cops would love to be kitted out with rayguns and sci-fi helicopters though..

If you have some free time, be sure to check out the Paleo-Future blog. It's quite wonderful.

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2 Responses to Computer crime in the future (as predicted in 1981)

  1. Like Arnold Schwarzeneggar in Terminator and Will Smith in iROBOT we're all expected to believe the artificially intelligent robots to be the enemy. Oh no, instead the enemy has a very human face.

  2. ElricE · 1478 days ago

    I actually found the language quite amusing.... almost childlike as if discussing something in the far far distant future.... and so naive!

    Love the 'computer cassette' as the 'evidence of his crimes'.... can you imagine the wide eyes if they'd heard of Flash Drives and hardware-based file encryption???

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