Poetry in spam


I saw your ad on Craigs List
I am going make this response short and sweet.
If you are interested to make a bit of money on the net,
then check-out this web-site called: [censored]reseller.info

So it is not always the trivial “Canadian Pharmacy at lowest prices!” or the irritating “I am the King of some African country and I am gonna to transfer XXX million dollars to your account.” spam messages that we receive here at SophosLabs.

 Sometimes spam can be funny and sometimes you could see such “pearls” of poetry.

I am not going to bore you with a bunch of facts…
But, I will tell you that it will help.
Pretty much all you do bid on things,
and then resell it for more. The website’s awesome!
You can get a iPhone there for like 1 to 2 dollars.

A bit cacophonic, this rhyme don’t you think? Anyways it’s meant to lure you to acquire a new iPhone on the cheap.
The prices are so low that they don’t even need to put in the obligatory .99$ at the end of the price!

I’m getting around an extra $300 a day
just by selling the merchandise I get on that
site and putting it on CL.


Just one question: if you are getting “$300 extra a day,” why would you not give up your main profession and do this full-time? … oh, you might be a professor of literature and since education doesnt appear to be in vogue, you might need the extra money…?