Educating the masses about internet security

"Chris Pace from Sophos’s sales engineering department has sneaked his way onto my blog to mention a couple of free tools we’ve made available to help educate your workforce about online security threats. Tell us all about it Chris.."

Chris Pace
Have you ever considered how much of your life you spend in your car, on the toilet, sleeping or even, heaven forbid, on Facebook?!

Well luckily you don’t have to. Some statistical boffins at Ofcom (the UK communications regulator)
have already done the sums.

The results show that we spend on average seven of the 15 hours that we’re awake consuming media of some sort. The fact that time spent on the internet has increased by over two-thirds since 2008 is a clear indication that the web is now a commodity firmly in the mainstream.

Regular readers of this blog clearly have their fingers on the pulse of computer security. But how do we go about educating the masses for whom the web is a feature rich playground to be explored without fear and a computer with a virus can be a mild annoyance rather than a potential threat to their personal data?

Here comes the shameless plug. Sophos have been working to provide some useful tools to help to educate web users about the risks.

Learn more about the Social media toolkit and download it if you wish

There’s a Social Networking toolkit with videos and presentations that you can use to educate yourself or your workforce. And, we’ve also created a groovy little widget you can add to your webpages to share handy Safe Web Browsing browsing tips.

All this stuff is free and might just stop a few more people clicking that oh-so-appealing pop-up window or installing that rogue Facebook app that silently updates statuses and spams all their “friends”.

And if your users have a slightly longer attention spam – there’s no harm in sharing our latest Security Threat Report with them either!

Happy surfing, which – by the way – you’re statistically most likely to be doing between six and eight pm!