‘I will never text again after seeing this’ Facebook survey scam

Last month I blogged about a rogue Facebook application that had tricked hundreds of thousands of users into giving it access to their profiles, and spreading a message saying they were “never texting again”.

Today I stumbled across a Facebook page called “I May NEVER TÊXT AGAIN After Reading THI$!!” (“I May Never Text Again After Reading This!!”) which uses a similar message to encourage users into “liking” it, and sharing a similar message to all of their Facebook friends.

Never text again message on Facebook

Here’s a YouTube video where I demonstrate what happens:

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Remember, the issue here isn’t just that you’re helping scammers earn money by advertising links to their online surveys – by “liking” Facebook pages like this you are also opening yourself up to the possibility of future attacks too.

Over 200,000 Facebook users have already “liked” the rogue page, meaning that at anytime the unknown owner of the page can send them an update which could contain an unwanted advertising message or – worse – a malicious link.

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