Vote now! Help Sophos choose the name for its new security news portal

Preview of new blog
Wow! Since our plea earlier in the month, we have been swamped by suggestions for our soon-to-be launched security news portal (aka glorified blog), bringing the ramblings of Duck, Chet, our labbies and me into one place).

We have had a plethora of choices to choose from, but our team has shortlisted to the top 3, and we would like to know which of the three rocks your boat the most.

Now, I’ve got a favourite obviously but it would be highly unprofessional for me to post it for anyone to read here on my blog…

Remember that the person who suggested the chosen name wins a new iPod Touch, so there is a lot of power in your hands!

[Thanks, the poll is now closed. We’ll announce the winning name shortly]