ZBot gang suspects arrested in the Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine
There has been another development in the international investigation into a cybercrime gang believed to have used the ZBot Trojan (also known as Zeus) to steal millions of dollars from banks accounts around the world.

We’ve already mentioned the charges brought after arrests in the UK and USA, and now it’s the Ukraine’s turn to round-up some suspects.

The Security Service of the Ukraine (known as the SBU) detained five individuals yesterday who – they claim – are key members of the Zbot gang that has been accused of a large-scale, international organized cybercrime operation.

According to an FBI press release, the authorities in the Ukraine sent approximately 50 SBU officers to execute eight search warrants.

It’s perhaps not a surprise that we’re now seeing raids in the Ukraine. After all, some of the people arrested in the UK earlier this week were born in the country.

It’s certainly encouraging to see the computer crime cops around the globe working closely in partnership to tackle the increasingly organised nature of international cybercrime rings.

After all, these crimes are no small beer. The scam being investigated by the authorities is said to have resulted in more than $200 million being stolen from consumers and businesses.