Sophos awarded VB100 for Windows Server 2003 protection

VB100 award, October 2010
Those charming people at Virus Bulletin magazine have published their latest edition, hot on the heels of their successful conference in Vancouver. Of particular interest to us are the results of Virus Bulletin’s most recent comparative test of anti-malware products.

Virus Bulletin tested 38 products from different vendors, examining their ability to detect 100% of the in-the-wild viruses without false alarming. All the products were tested on the Windows Server 2003 platform.

Virus Bulletin acknowledged that this isn’t the latest version of the server product from Microsoft, but chose to conduct their tests on it because it “remains widely used and relied on for its relative maturity, stability and dependable performance.”

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 9.5 (do our marketing team get paid better the more syllables they squeeze into a product name?) performed well, and was given the prestigious VB100 award for detecting all the in-the-wild viruses – in both on-demand and on-access modes – without false alarming.

Virus Bulletin’s experienced testing team also found that Sophos achieved a perfect 100% score against polymorphic malware. Sophos outperformed a number of other products which failed to pass the tests.

So, congratulations to the fine fellows working in our labs, engineering, testing and quality assurance teams for another great result.

You can find full details of the test in the October 2010 edition of Virus Bulletin magazine (Sorry, I think you may need to be a paid-up VB subscriber to read it).

Don’t forget that you can read more about Sophos’s long track record in independent comparative tests on our reviews page.