Stock Price vs. Spam Keywords

As noted by Bloomberg on 25 September, Apple was valued at $267 billion, ahead of PetroChina’s $265.5 billion, becoming the world’s second-largest company in terms of market value.

Furthermore, back to May this year, Apple had surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization to become the world’s top technology company. However, does Apple beat the rival Microsoft in the spam realm too?

Searching in the Sophos spam database based on several popular words related to both Apple and Microsoft indicates a quite interesting result shown blow:

The most popular spam word targeting Apple is “iPad”, then followed by “iPhone” and “Apple”. On the Microsoft’s side, the company name and MS “Office” hold the top 2 position. Surprisingly, the number of hits in Spam subject of Microsoft’s top 2 words overtake the Apples’. Also, the total number of Spam messages associated to Microsoft keywords is slightly over Apple.

Stock investors may consider the above spam statistics as a significant barometer. Microsoft might be a blue-chip share in the future.  Hehe. 🙂