We are fighting zombies this Halloween – How about you?

October 31st, also known as Halloween in some parts, has been designated by Sophos as “International Kill-A-Zombie Day”.

Here’s a movie trailer we’ve made to encourage you to join the fight:

Millions of computers around the world, in homes, internet cafes and businesses, are – without the knowledge of their owners – under the control of cybercriminals who commandeer the PCs to send spam, distribute malware, and commit identity theft. These are known as zombies, and they are scouring the internet to attack you.

International Kill A Zombie DayBillions of spam messages are sent every day, with over 99% sending spam from innocent users’ computers that have been hijacked and turned into a “zombie”. Hackers control networks of zombie computers, known as a botnet, in order to silently send out adverts that peddle sexual enhancement drugs, porn or questionable financial deals. They also can distribute scareware attacks to trick users out of their credit card details, access your social networking accounts, and spread further malicious attacks.

So, join the cause and put an end to this nightmare

Take out the Zombies – time for them to meet their match.