Stay safe online with Sophos this Christmas

From the comfort of summer, Sophos Southern Hemisphere wishes you well for the festive season, and says, “Stay safe online this Christmas!”

Watch and enjoy our Christmas card, and don’t forget to read the tips which follow, too:

If you’ll be enjoying yourself with rest and vacation over the holiday season, please remember these simple guidelines:

* Don’t let your guard down just because it’s the festive season. You may be on holiday, but scammers and spammers aren’t.

* Be thoughtful in what you do with festive photos of other people, especially if you are in party mode. Ask their permission before you post images of them online for everyone else to see.

* If you wake up to a new computer under the Christmas tree, don’t forget to put it through a security update and to install anti-virus software before you get busy on line. (Even if the update takes several hours, it’ll spoil your fun a lot less than being owned by a hacker before lunchtime.)

* If your new computer is a Mac, have a Christmas present on us: Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition is completely free. No registration, no sign-up, no timeouts.

Lastly, don’t forget that whilst Christmas and New Year is a time of celebration, festivity and fun for many of us, this period can be correspondingly tough for those without the resources and companionship which let the rest of us enjoy ourselves. So spare a thought, and, if you can, some of your time, for those less fortunate than you.

And, remember, stay safe online this Christmas.

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