Win a robot, and help Sophos's study of social networking threats

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Every year we run an investigation into how many of you are being hit by threats (such as spam, malware and phishing) on social networks. Well, it's that time again!

This year, to encourage you to help us, we're offering a marvellous prize.

LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0 prize

The LEGO Miindstorms NXT 2.0 is a kit for building programmable robots. According to the blurb it "combines the unlimited versatility of the LEGO building system with an intelligent microcomputer brick and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software".

The guys in our labs suggested it as the kind of the thing they would want, but would never be able to convince their partners that the expense was justified. So now's your chance!

It comes with everything you would ever want: a 32-bit microprocessor, a large matrix display, 4 input and 3 output ports, and Bluetooth and USB communication link, three interactive servo motors, four sensors (Ultrasonic Sensor, 2 Touch Sensors and the all-new Color Sensor). And - of course - you can program it from your PC or Mac.

Sounds fun, eh?

To be in the running for this fabulous prize all you need to do is fill in a quick one-page survey about threats on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The only way you can be win is to take part in the survey. Chop chop!


Take Sophos's survey into social networking threats now

Small print: We have to ask you for your email address so we can contact you if you win the prize, but feel free to ignore it if you're paranoid. Of course, you won't win the prizes then - but you'll still have helped us with the survey.

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14 Responses to Win a robot, and help Sophos's study of social networking threats

  1. Can home users enter? :D

  2. George · 1757 days ago

    Isn't it ironic that they're asking us to fill out a survey to win a prize? Sound like something they always tell us NOT to do...

    • Chortle. Of course, it's not that kind of survey.

      And we're not going to add a rogue application to your Facebook profile, or post a message to your Facebook friends.

      Although I'm sure we could make some nice cash if we created an affiliate plan..

  3. ChrisJD · 1757 days ago

    You don't make it clear that you are asking questions about "our company". How do those of us who don't work respond?

    • If you don't work for a company, please share your experiences at a personal level.

      After all, if you do win, you might be able to form a company with you and the robot as your executive assistant..

  4. Nikki · 1757 days ago

    Are you not asking us to do what you're always telling us NOT to?

    • Ho ho. Yes, the irony didn't escape us either.

      What we're trying to do is get a perspective from the point of view of users and companies, rather than just the threats that we regularly write about on Naked Security.

      Of course, our survey is somewhat different from the ones which plague Facebook users (no requirement to allow an application to have access to your Fbook profile, no posting from your Fbook profile, no money being earned by us if you take our survey (!) etc)

  5. Deon · 1757 days ago

    Quick question : Is this competition open to South African residents?

  6. Suspicious Guest · 1751 days ago

    I trust thee not. Yes, I'd love to have the robot, but....survey?

    • Chortle... well, you're right to be cautious, but this isn't one that requires you to give a third-party Facebook application access to your profile. :)

  7. Brigitte · 1751 days ago

    What is the deadline, please?

    @ Deon: I also wanted to know that.

    @ Graham: maybe some more "small" print would have been useful...

    • The deadline is whenever we chose to close it. Probably end of this year, start of 2011. But seriously, if you're concerned you might miss the boat - why not just take the poll now while it *is* open. It only takes 30 seconds. :)

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