Phony first Facebook status messages lead to rogue application

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What are the odds that you and your friends posted your very first messages on Facebook on precisely the same day? May 2nd 2008.

Wouldn't it be even more remarkable if you posted that very first message at the same time? 6:57am.

And wouldn't it utterly blow your trousers off if you discovered that you and your friends also posted the same message at the same time on the very same day? What are the chances, eh?

Well, it's obviously not true. But a new rogue application spreading voraciously across Facebook appears to be claiming precisely that.

My First Facebook Status Was: Hellllooooo ??? Posted on May 2nd 2008 6:57am Find yours out Here!

My First Facebook Status Was: Hellllooooo ??? Posted on May 2nd 2008 6:57am Find yours out Here!

Please don't click on the link. It will take you to a rogue application which will then try to post from your Facebook account as well.

Just because your friends may have fallen for this scam, doesn't mean that you should too. Be smarter than them, and stay clued up about the current tidalwave of scams we see spreading on Facebook by joining the Sophos Facebook page.

Here's a YouTube video where I show you how to clean-up your Facebook account if you were hit by this, or similar scams:

(Enjoy this video? You can check out more on the SophosLabs YouTube channel and subscribe if you like)

Take care folks. Facebook is becoming awash with these types of scams, and far too many people are falling for them.

Update: Other versions of the scam have spread since this article was initially published using alternative wording. Examples include:

The first thing I posted on fb was : Wow this is way better than myspace
They posted this status on O9/13/2008

Find your first status --> [LINK]
Skip ad in top right after you clicked the link.


My 1st Status was: 'well look who made it to fb'. This was posted on 1/2/2008

Hat-tip: Thanks to our friends at the Scam Sniper blog who sent us a tip telling us about this scam.

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8 Responses to Phony first Facebook status messages lead to rogue application

  1. Coco · 1737 days ago

    Thanks very much...I installed the app but deleted it right away when I saw this.

  2. Heather · 1737 days ago

    That was very good information! Thank you!

  3. new one

    The 1st Status I ever wrote: 'let's see what i can do here!'. This was posted on 13/8/2007

  4. medion · 1734 days ago

    Dammit I fell for this. I can't delete the app? It's just giving me the "Facebook spam bot detection" and telling me to fill out surveys, I can't figure out how to block it. Help anyone?

  5. Basil · 1731 days ago

    Does the app do anything malicious? I was able to remove the "first status" application and delete the silly post. Is this a data mining app? What is the point?

    • As far as we can tell it doesn't mine your data. The intention is to spread the link via users' profiles, with the intention of earning income from every survey completed.

  6. sean · 1590 days ago

    Excuse me, I don't see an option to connect my Facebook account with your site. Did you remove it? Before my account was connected an then.......poof! it was gone. Can you find a way to reconnect it.

    • Yeah, we removed the option to connect Facebook with our comments system.

      Sorry about that. Maybe we'll bring it back one day, but we felt uncomfortable linking to people's personal Facebook accounts considering that we frequently discuss issues of privacy concerning the site.

      You can still connect via Twitter, or you can create a WordPress or IntenseDebate account if you wish to use those options.

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