Data security breach at the North Pole! Santa's Naughty/Nice list compromised

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Grumpy SantaFollowing attacks on Gawker, Walgreens and McDonalds, it seems hackers have set their eyes on a new target: Santa!

Reports from the North Pole have confirmed that Santa's Naughty/Nice list has been compromised.

The list is said to contain the name, stocking address and naughty/nice score (the child equivalent of a credit score) of every child on earth. Absent from the leaked data is the "What I want for Christmas" list which is said to be stored in a separate database.

While St. Nick is not commenting on how the leak occurred, an insider elf mentioned a spear phishing campaign a few days ago promising milk and cookies after logging in to a suspicious site.

In the meantime, Santa is asking children to reset the password on their stockings. Santa's workshop has also set up a hotline for children who get coal in their stockings on Christmas day due to any mix up.

This attack and others are a reminder to all that sending spam will land you on the naughty list, even if you manage to get a copy of that list.

Season's Greetings from Sophos

Hat tip: Thanks to SophosLabs researcher Tareq Alkhatib for bringing this breaking news story to our attention.

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8 Responses to Data security breach at the North Pole! Santa's Naughty/Nice list compromised

  1. Olle · 1709 days ago

    Fantastic story!

  2. Dee · 1709 days ago

    Cute : )

  3. Ekim Bbew · 1708 days ago

    Is the data going to be made available thru Wikileaks?
    I'm sure plenty of parents would like S.C.'s inside
    information on how naughty or nice their kids have REALLY been.

  4. Ang · 1708 days ago

    Grandson has reset his password. Thanks for the heads up

  5. beanie4185 · 1708 days ago

    Do you know how dangerous this is? This information could
    be posted on Wikileaks or Pirate Bay and dangerous to our
    well-being and can be potentially misused by stalkers! The severity
    of this problem is even greater than the Conficker bug! We must
    group the power of the Canadian government and the CIA to shut down
    this blackhat hacking group! Hurry!

  6. chanelle · 1708 days ago

    santa have i been good

  7. Chris · 1708 days ago

    My stockings just got hacked, they're now full of
    spam and viagra. What am I going to do with this crap?

  8. bumfaace · 1367 days ago

    I think just be good and dont be so ungrateful

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