VIDEO: Free iPhone from Apple? Bait-and-switch scams explained

Yesterday, I described the latest Free iPhone from Apple on Twitter scam. I offered some tips on how to avoid being tricked. You can use this article to help others – such as colleagues, friends and family who look to you for technical advice.

Written advice is all very well, but seeing is believing.

One of the reasons that bait-and-switch scams succeed is that they don’t seem as dangerous as visiting sites where real malware might be lurking. So what if someone tempts you with a link which turns out to be a bag of hot air? Where’s the risk in that?

Let’s get one thing clear: online bait-and-switch scams aren’t about you. They aren’t about the popular brands whose reputation is “borrowed”. Bait-and-switch is all about the scammer.

Watch and learn why:

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