Facebook profile views and white iPhone 4 helps rogue apps spread virally

Last week I explained how scammers are spreading rogue applications virally over Facebook, pretending to offer you the ability to either see who has been viewing your profile, or count how many views your Facebook profile has received.

I’m afraid that the scams continue to affect Facebook users at a tremendous rate – and the security team at Facebook don’t appear to have been able to stamp it out. Here’s a YouTube video where I show the scam in action:

So, the onus is on Facebook users to be smarter about which links they click on. When I followed one of the links from a Facebook test account I created, it took me to a page which tried to lure me with the offer of a white iPhone. All I had to do was enter my mobile phone number (and thus sign myself up for an expensive premium rate service).

Messages used in the campaign include:

WOW My profile views are : 82629
Girls Views : 32981
Boys Views : 49648
Check yours at - [LINK]

My total facebook views are: 5126
Find out your total profile views @ [LINK]

Now You can see who is watching Your profile! Use this App and check !

OMG!! I didnt believe you could see whos been looking at your profile but it actually works, I now know exactly who has been looking at my pictures Check it out here: @ [LINK]

(Note that the view count numbers used in some of the above messages appear to be random – so you may encounter different examples)

If were hit by this scam and are struggling to clean-up your Facebook profile, here’s a YouTube video I made which describes what steps you need to take:

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