Sorry, we can't hack Taylor Swift's Twitter account (even if you ask nicely)

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We get some pretty interesting feedback from readers of Naked Security from time-to-time, but this one takes the word oddball to all new heights of space-hopperdom.

A fan of the SophosLabs YouTube channel sent us a message with an unusual request:

Taylor Swift message

i love your videos man and i was wondering if you can hack back into twitter and have Taylor Swift follow me?

my twitter is [LINK] and hers is [LINK] incase you didnt know... but you probably did haha.
please write back...

Wow - that's true fan dedication. I know Taylor Swift is very talented, but imagine being such a worshipper of the young country pop singer that you would beg a computer security firm to break into her Twitter account so she'd hear what you have to say!

I checked out our correspondent's Twitter page. Judging by his wallpaper, he appears to be confirming his love for Taylor Swift, and may be hoping to jump in now that she's split up from boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Swift on Twitter

Unfortunately, though, this is one request from a Naked Security reader that we're not going to be able to help with - however politely he phrased it.

All the other Taylor Swift fans out there (and there are plenty of them - over 5.2 million people follow the singer-songwriter on Twitter) should note that she only follows 50 people on Twitter herself. Your best chance of her showing you any interest is to become a celebrity yourself, catch her eye on the Nashville music scene, or get a job as her minder in case Kanye West leaps onto the stage.

By the way, if you're on Twitter feel free to follow the Naked Security team of writers to get your up-to-the-minute security fix. Although, just like Taylor Swift, we can't promise that we'll definitely follow you back either..

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7 Responses to Sorry, we can't hack Taylor Swift's Twitter account (even if you ask nicely)

  1. Ed Truitt · 1706 days ago

    Uh... that is creepy. In a stalker-ish sort of way. I hope the dude gets some help, before somebody gets hurt.

    So, riddle me this: did you all contact the aurhorities, on account of his soliciting you to commit a criminal act?


  2. david56543 · 1706 days ago


    this was a good laugh

  3. Shane Fontenot · 1706 days ago

    What a d-bag. He must think you guys do this for fun or something. lol

  4. Yes, here's a dumb question we were asked before:

  5. Tevin Meriwether · 1705 days ago

    Just seems like a normal teen crazed fan if you ask me haha! And we know if he was famous he wouldnt have asked that LOL!

  6. Janet Goldie · 1705 days ago

    Ha ha ha!
    I love what you say about Kanye West!

  7. Angel · 1281 days ago

    That is obsession, instead of love. Obsession is selfish... completely the opposite.

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