Anatomy of an Attack: Dallas, TX and Louisville, KY

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Anatomy of an Attack sign upIt is with great joy that I announce the next two live Anatomy of an Attack events we will be delivering in Dallas, TX and Louisville, KY.

What is Anatomy of an Attack? It's a half-day seminar where I present a complete look inside the malware economy. I explain the what, who, how and why driving this crazy cat-and-mouse game.

In addition to sharing the stories behind the latest and most notorious attacks and the personalities behind them, I also demonstrate some live malware to show the methods being used by our adversaries.

Of course we don't leave you hanging. I provide tips on how to take advantage of free tools and your existing investment in security software to defend yourself against the majority of attacks that I cover in the seminar.

If you live in Dallas, please register and join us on Wednesday, March 2nd at the Dallas Marriott City Center.

Those of you in Louisville can register to attend our event at the Seelbach Hilton on Wednesday, March 9th.
Anatomy of an Attack
I sincerely look forward to meeting those who are able to attend. For those of you elsewhere in the world, check our list of upcoming events or watch our educational videos that show a sample of the content we present.

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2 Responses to Anatomy of an Attack: Dallas, TX and Louisville, KY

  1. fed up · 1689 days ago

    hopefully you will make it to Denver sometime ........................

    • Chester Wisniewski · 1689 days ago

      That's a great suggestion. I believe it is on our list of upcoming cities. I prefer to visit your area of the world in the summer though...


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