Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 officially launched

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The rumors have been circulating for months, but it appears that service pack 1 is now available for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2.
Windows 7 SP1 available
Microsoft has been working on this landmark update to Windows 7 for more than a year and the official launch date has been established as February 22nd, 2011. While few enhancements have been made to Microsoft's flagship product, stability and performance improvements abound.

Microsoft has shipped 796 bug fixes and security improvements to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. This is a huge improvement and simplifies the distribution of these platforms for organizations looking to streamline their upgrades. Many of these fixes have been available via Windows Update.

Microsoft introduced two new functions in this update. They now support a feature called Dynamic Memory for Hyper-V users. This feature allows dynamic allocation of memory to virtual guests based upon their needs at any given time. Windows 2008 R2 hosts can benefit from increased efficiency for heavily loaded systems with this feature.

The second add-on is called RemoteFX. This addition allows a "richer media experience" for virtualized desktops according to Microsoft. The idea is to streamline video playback and 3D capabilities using Microsoft's remote desktop functionality.

The download of SP1 varies between 44MB and 1G depending upon the installation method you choose. See the chart below for the details.
Windows 7 SP1 download table

Hopefully this will accelerate the adoption of Windows 7. For the our recommendations on Windows 7 deployments check out our paper.

For information on which Sophos products support the newly released Service Pack 1 please read knowledge base article 113044.

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4 Responses to Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 officially launched

  1. Ernie Smart · 1686 days ago

    Windows 7? No way. Linux babe. Traditions die hard. When are corporations dropping Microsoft and adopting Linux?

    Why continue buying a product that is inherently unsecured, and expensive.

    I say get rid of all MS operating system and Office too.

  2. Compbl · 1686 days ago

    Like the German Foreign Office did?

    Yea Linux in the real world, kicked to the curb

  3. Beave · 1680 days ago


    Hate to tell you Unix/Linux is not secure. It just has not been attacked as much as Windows OS.

  4. jolardy · 1674 days ago

    i come into my own league, im running windows 7, and windows vista on my desktop, i think corporations should use either mac OSX leapord or bobcat, and if they cant, use something similar, mabye linux, but as linux is open ended and its source code is available, hacking is easier to commence on the linux operating systems, its not as secure as windows which keeps all its files hidden from standard operator view. My opinion, if your gonna argue, using DOS :D, keep major old school and its simple and easy to run, if you know what your doing ;)

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