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The great Canadian information heist


Recently the Canadian government was hacked. Guest blogger Rami Jabara expresses his dismay and walks us through the technologies that, if properly deployed, could have prevented this embarrassing incident.

Anatomy of an Attack: Dallas, TX and Louisville, KY


Do you reside in Dallas or Louisville? Join us for our live Anatomy of an Attack seminar. Live elsewhere? Check out the online version to learn the details behind the who, what, why and how of the latest threats.

Free tickets on Southwest Airlines? It's the latest Facebook scam

Free tickets on Southwest Airlines? It's the latest Facebook scam

A so-called opportunity to win free tickets with Southwest Airlines may look like a dream come true, but in fact is an opportunity for scammers to harvest your information.

Facebook clickjacking: Malware takes on new Italian disguises

Facebook clickjacking: Malware takes on new Italian disguises

Non-English speaking Facebook users shouldn't be fooled into believing that they are somehow immune from the scams and rogue applications that plague the social networking site.

Naked pictures from Emily carry fake anti-virus surprise


Computer technology is becoming more sophisticated all the time, but it seems that their users are still neanderthals when it comes to being duped by simple social engineering tricks like the promise of naked pictures.

SSCC 49 - Java patches, Canadian government hacked, internet kill switch

Sophos Security Chet Chat 41

Michael Argast and Chet talk about Westboro Church vs. Anonymous, the Canadian Government getting hacked, the latest MS and Java vulnerabilities and more

Westboro Baptist Church and Anonymous come to internet blows


Anonymous supporters have launched a DDoS attack against Westboro Baptist Church, the group famous for picketing military funerals with anti-gay signs.

Phishers target South Africa's BidorBuy auction website

Phishers target South Africa's BidorBuy auction website

It's worth everybody remembering that phishing gangs and cybercriminals don't just target users of multinational global brands such as eBay, PayPal and iTunes.

I accepted a fake Facebook friend request, should I be afraid?

I accepted a fake Facebook friend request, should I be afraid?

Why would someone create a Facebook account in the name of somebody you know and attempt to trick you into accepting them as a friend?

Top tips for Mac OS X security - Part 3


The third and final part of our OS X security series covers system security. Learn best practices for the Mac OS X firewall, Safari and how to control services.

SSDs prove difficult to securely erase

Creative Commons photo courtesy of PiAir's Flickr photostream

Researchers at last weeks Usenix FaST 11 conference presented a paper showing how difficult it can be to erase SSDs. We have summarized their results here and provide best practices on protecting your data if you are using SSDs.

Data leakage and dictionary attack stories from RSA


Duck is now on his way back from the RSA conference in San Francisco - from where he can tell you that the WiFi Terms and Conditions at the airport are still as onerous as they were last year - with an amusing fifth anecdote to add to his Travellers Beware series.

RSA Conference 2011 - Live Malware Attack, and Most Educational Security Blog!

RSA Conference 2011 - Live Malware Attack, and Most Educational Security Blog!

Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin are back on the air, having just finished up their stint at the RSA 2011 Conference.

Whilst there, they accepted a Most Educational Security Blog award on behalf of the whole Naked Security team.

SSCC48 - RSA 2011 Conference roundup

Sophos Security Chet Chat 41

This week's Chet Chat comes to you from the show floor at RSA Conference 2011. Paul Ducklin joins Chet to discuss the buzz from the show and the latest security news.

Does cybercrime really cost the UK more than drugs?

Silk Road reboots: for real, or just a honeypot

The UK government has today published a report into the cost of cybercrime, concluding that the overall cost to the UK economy from cybercrime is £27bn per year.

But can we trust the numbers? And what needs to happen before we can properly measure our success fighting the menace of cybercrime?

New Android Trojan horse could prove costly


Is it HongTouTou, Adrd or Geinimi? One thing is clear - new malware for Android smartphones is grabbing users' attention.

Make sure that you are careful about the applications you install on your Android device.

Sophos wins big at the SC Magazine Awards in San Francisco


The great and the good of the information security industry have squeezed into their tuxedos and party frocks for a glittering gala dinner and awards ceremony in San Francisco, organised by the folks at SC Magazine.

Lessons to learn from the HBGary Federal hack


The Anonymous attack on HBGary Federal should send a shiver down the spine of any IT administrator responsible for securing their own company.

Steam phishing targets video game players


Phishing emails target Steam video game players.

Will you be too trigger-happy next time you receive an email claiming to come from Steam?

Reporter had a stroke on live TV - Facebook scam


Facebook scammers exploit Serene Branson, after speculation spread that she had suffered a stroke while presenting from the Grammy Awards.