Fiona Xie sex videos clickjack Facebook users

It’s worth remembering that it’s not just Western stars and Hollywood actresses who can be the subject of cybercriminal lures. In the last 24 hours, admirers of Singapore celebrity Fiona Xie have been tempted into clicking on a link which has spread virally via Facebook.

Fiona Xie sex video

A picture of Fiona Xie sat in a bathtub is accompanied by a message reading:

Fiona Xie. Is she REALLY as innocent as she looks?

Private sexual videos of famous Singapore celebrities here. Only enter if you are 18 years old and above.

As one of your Facebook friends appears to have “Liked” the message, you might be curious to click further. Unfortunately for you, however, this is a honeytrap that takes your browser to a webpage which uses the clickjacking technique to fool you into unknowingly saying you “Like” the page yourself.

And in this way, the message spreads virally across Facebook. If nothing else, chances are that you will be embarrassed that your friends now know you were seeking for sex videos of Fiona Xie.

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