Guy who took a picture of his face for 8 years FouTube Facebook scam

Guy who actually did take a photo every day for 8 yearsFacebook scammers have been at this game for a while now. They take an interesting YouTube clip that is gaining notoriety and try to cash in on the popularity by spamming it out on Facebook before most people have heard of it.

In the past we have seen it with the “I can’t believe a GIRL did this because of Justin Bieber” and “Anaconda coughs up a hippo?” Facebook likejacking attacks based on popular YouTube videos.

This Facebook scam sends out messages on victims walls with the title “This Guy Took A Picture Of His Face Every Day For 8 Years” and includes a link to a scammer domain.

Facebook Wall post about guy who took his picture for 8 years

When you click the link you are lead to a FouTube page that is a near identical replica of the real YouTube site with a fake video player dominating the page.

FouTube likejacking page

Of course when you go to click the video it is actually just an image. The image links to some obfuscated JavaScript that displays a popup claiming it needs to verify your age.

Age Verification likejackWhat is actually happening is that you are clicking an invisible “Like” button hidden underneath the link you think you are clicking. This will post the message to your wall to continue the viral spread of the message to your friends.

Funny enough, there really is a video on YouTube of a man who actually took a photo of himself every day for eight years and it’s pretty cool. YouTube has removed the video for violations of their Terms of Service. I don’t know why, but consider it best practice to avoid links to this topic.

What is new about this attack is that they have managed to likejack you and lead you to a survey which will enroll you in a program to charge you for an SMS several times a week all in one click.

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