SophosLabs gives lecture at the University of Birmingham

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being invited to lecture Masters' students from the University of Birmingham as part of the Network Security module.

The University has its very own train station, so my journey from Oxford was very smooth.

University of Birmingham logo

The 50 minute talk was on "File Format and Standards" and had various themes:

      -How everything is a COM file
      -How anti-malware scanners work out what file type a file is
      -Whether Open or Close file formats protected against exploitation?
      -Whether Strictly defined file formats were better than free form ones?

From the questions asked during and after the talk, the future of the computer security industry is likely to be in good (if frighteningly young) hands.

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Paul O Baccas (aka pob) joined Sophos in 1997 after studying Engineering Science at Oxford University. After nearly 16 years, he has left Sophos to pastures new and will be writing as an independent malware researcher. Paul has: published several papers, presented at several Virus Bulletins and was a technical editor for "AVIEN Malware Defense Guide". He has contributed to Virus Bulletin and is a frequent contributor to the NakedSecurity blog.