Firefox 4.0 is launched

firefox logo


Nipping at the heels of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 launch just last week, we now have Mozilla’s Firefox 4.0 taking a bow on the browser podium.

Firefox 4.0 packs a number of new features geared to improve user experience. Loading times, security, and the ability to sync bookmarks, passwords and browsing history between computers and devices have all been addressed.

With Firefox’s estimated 22% of the browser market currently under its belt, compared to IE’s 57%, these two new browsers show that neither team are ready to give up the fight for greater market share just yet. And we users are the ones who benefit from this race – particularly when they slap in cool new features for us to play with.

A quick look at some of the new security features in this version of Firefox 4.0:

Instant Web Site ID: Gives users an icon to verify a sites’ legitimacy.

Content Security Policy: Designed to shut down cross-site scripting attacks by providing a mechanism for sites to explicitly tell the browser which content is legitimate.

Secure Updates: Looks for a secure connection before Firefox installs or updates add-ons and third-party software.

Anti-Malware: Warns you away from a site which it detects as hosting malicious content.

Do Not Track: Allows you to transmit a “Do Not Track HTTP” header to websites, opting you out of behavioral tracking.