Christina Aguilera’s stolen saucy snapshots: beware of scams

Private pics of pop chanteuse Christina Aguilera have cropped up in the public domain after she allegedly left her camera’s memory card in a hotel in France, reported the Daily Mail.

The photos emerged when they were offered for sale to US website RadarOnline. The seller reportedly found the memory card in the hotel in question. The site claims to have seen 109 photographs, but doesn’t say whether it paid for them or not.

The photos, taken between June to November of last year, show the singer at Nicole Ritchie’s bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas Mexico as well as intimate shots with boyfriend Matthew Rutler, whom Aguilera met on the film set of Burlesque.

This is not the first time that she has faced a cyber nasties. Semi-nude pictures of Aguilera were posted last December, and who can forget the clickjacking scam earlier this month?

Now, I rather hope that Aguilera names and shames the French hotel if indeed a forgotten camera memory card, left in her private room, somehow found itself on the market for a quick buck.

I also hope that media outlets do the right thing, and refrain from publishing the pictures in question. I know some people feel that a celebrity should not be afforded any privacy, but that seems crazy to me. I know the star is not known for being shy and retiring, but surely that shouldn’t mean that her entire life and those of her friends and family are ours to gawp at.

If she indeed innocently forgot the memory card at a posh French hotel, you would like to think that staff would return it to her directly…especially if they want her repeat business.

Readers, do be cautious of spams and scam messages purporting to have these pics. Curiosity in this situations often lead to infections. Perhaps such images are better left unseen.