SSCC 54 – Firefox, MySQL hacked, Comodo and Facebook

Sophos Security Chet Chat 41

Sophos Security Chet Chat logoMichael Argast joined me in our Vancouver studio for this week’s Chet Chat.

Because we were late recording the Chet Chat this week, it is a bit longer than usual. We had a good chat about some of the new security features in Firefox 4, like Do Not Track (DNT) and HTTP strict transport security (HSTS).

We also discussed the recent SQL injection attacks against MySQL and Sun/Oracle. While on the topic of compromise we reviewed the recent compromise of SSL certificate resellers associated with Comodo.

On the topic of social media we talked a bit about the new functions Facebook has been working on to reduce likejacking fraud and improve their SSL support.

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(31 March 2011, duration 21:13 minutes, size 10.2MBytes)

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