IE6, Tsunami scams, Pwn2own, RSA hack, Epsilon breach - 90 Sec News - March 2011

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Don't just read the latest computer security news - watch it in 90 seconds!

This month: help get rid of IE6, avoid tsunami scams, check out Pwn2own, be surprised at RSA, and groan at Epsilon.

Watch and enjoy:

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08 April 2011, duration 2:08 minutes, size 2.1MBytes

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5 Responses to IE6, Tsunami scams, Pwn2own, RSA hack, Epsilon breach - 90 Sec News - March 2011

  1. zeph · 1645 days ago

    Nice lopsided reporting on Pwn2own. Chrome and Firfox were not hacked because the contestants did not show up. Ditto for Android. Thumbs down.

    • Paul Ducklin · 1613 days ago

      Some say they didn't show because they couldn't get their proposed exploits to work, because the targets were tougher than they thought. But, as I said in the video, you can make of this what you will.

      When it comes to penetration testing (or malware scanning, or any "can you find the bad stuff" exercise), you're always stuck with the "aence of evidence is not evidence of absence" problem...

  2. Darren · 1642 days ago

    This is longer than 90 seconds...

    • Paul Ducklin · 1642 days ago

      The news part is, from memory, 93 seconds.

      That's just over 3% over the limit.

      I'm prepared to cut myself a bit of slack.

      After all, if the cops tried to fine you for doing 93 in a 90 zone, you'd probably be pretty unhappy about it. Even getting nicked for doing 53 in 50 zone (the default urban speed limit in almost all of the developed world, and also, since November 2003, in New South Wales) would feel a bit laser-trigger happy.

      Three seconds is just one brief, albeit superfluous, subordinate clause. Surely you'll grant me one of those?

  3. Teresa · 1624 days ago

    Paul, you've done it once again! Love the use of "powned" and "murky."

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