SSCC 59 - bin Laden, Sony, LastPass, Patch Tuesday and Mac malware

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Sophos Security Chet Chat logoMy guest this week for the Chet Chat was Richard Wang. Richard is the manager of SophosLabs US and made some time to talk about what's new this week in security.

Richard and I opened up with a brief discussion of the Osama bin Laden scams. We also talked about the nightmare at Sony that never seems to come to a close.

Richard thought the Sony situation contrasted quite sharply with the way that LastPass handled a suspected intrusion this week.

We had a brief mention of the small Patch Tuesday this coming week and also a mention of our recent announcement about acquiring Astaro.

Finally we wrapped up the Chet Chat discussing the spate of Mac malware we have been seeing this week. It has been a bad week for Apple security. Hopefully this is a bump in the road and not a trend that will expose more Mac users to exploitation.

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(6 May 2011, duration 14:53 minutes, size 9.3MBytes)

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2 Responses to SSCC 59 - bin Laden, Sony, LastPass, Patch Tuesday and Mac malware

  1. Cole Kurkowski · 1577 days ago

    maybe now my fellow mac users will stop saying that macs are inherently more secure. O.o

  2. panda · 1575 days ago

    I believe that even if sonys servers were up to date they still would have found a way to get in they may have had access the server software used in sony and analyzed it for zero days. Nothing is 100 percent secure. Probably if they had packet monitoring software they could have cought it early. Also I always tell mac users that antivirus is suggested

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