Internet security and privacy startup has its fan page shut down by Facebook.. again

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CocoonAn internet startup, which develops a security and privacy tool and regularly comments on Facebook safety issues, says its own Facebook fan page has been shut down, for a second time.

The Cocoon service is a plugin for the Firefox web browser that aims to force an encrypted connection to the internet, preventing sites from tracking your movements and shielding your computer from internet threats.

But today it's Facebook fan page reportedly disappeared.

Cocoon blog

That's pretty frustrating for a firm trying to build awareness about its products. What must be especially galling is that something similar happened a month ago.

It's just a few weeks since Scam Sniper and The Bulldog Estate, two other Facebook fan pages, with a focus on raising awareness on security issues were removed without a good explanation from the social network.

Understandably, firms and organisations don't feel too great about having the rug pulled from beneath their feet without at the very least being informed as to why the decision was made, and the folks behind Cocoon have been using Twitter to encourage others to ask Facebook what's going on.

Hopefully it's an innocent mistake by Facebook, and they didn't deliberately shut down a page which puts lots of effort into sharing information with other users about scams and attacks spreading across the network.

As a rule, I believe much more in cock-ups than conspiracies.

If you're a regular user of Facebook, be sure to join the Sophos Facebook page to be kept informed of the latest security threats.

Update: Good news! The GetCocoon Facebook fan page has been restored.

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5 Responses to Internet security and privacy startup has its fan page shut down by Facebook.. again

  1. George Passantino · 1569 days ago

    I tend to give people/companies the benefit of the doubt as well, but this keeps happening to anyone that says anything even remotely negative about Facebook. Given the questionable nature of security and privacy, it's totalitarian handling of customers/pages, and most notably the smear campaign against Google it is a wonder that people are still flocking to them by the thousands.

    I can't wait until an alternative is available.

  2. Jay Decenella · 1569 days ago

    I seriously doubt "it's an innocent mistake by Facebook." This is the third time, without having to mention the nameless others, that the insecure social networking site took down a Fan page whose cause is to raise security awareness among Facebook users, however futile it has been for the most part.

  3. Richard · 1569 days ago

    Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

  4. GetCocoon · 1569 days ago

    Thank you Graham for your support during this time - and for such a great blog post! We are still a little nervous with our fan page this morning- but we are going to continue to post about security & privacy issues :)

  5. bryn · 1566 days ago

    ive had my worries about facebook for quite a time now...hearing this just backs my worries up...i had an account...but recieved a virus....having looked into wear this came from ..i found it was facebook...i have since closed my account down...and will never use facebook again...until they can assure me that it is safe to do so.

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