Ronaldinho website Jar Jar Binks hack should be a warning to others

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Here's what the website of Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho normally looks like:

Ronaldinho website

And here's what it looked like for a few hours on Saturday after a hacker defaced it with images of Star Wars hate figure Jar Jar Binks and Osama bin Laden.

Ronaldinho hacked website

The footballer's website was attacked by a hacker calling himself "Terrorist MC", who wrote a number of messages in Arabic alongside a claim in English that he would not stop hacking:

Im muslim For ever , I love Oussama ben laden
I dont Stop The Hacking, F*** Obama F*** America

Quite what Ronaldinho has done to anger a hacker enough to compare him to Jar Jar Binks is beyond me.

But there's a serious message here. Whether you're a big corporation, a small business or an individual, you need to protect your web presence or risk having hackers plant malware, spam pages or a mischievous message on your site.

Fortunately it looks like the attack against Ronaldinho's website was more akin to electronic graffiti than an attempt to infect visiting computers with malware, but it still requires someone to spend time and effort cleaning up afterwards.

The best thing to do is to prevent the attack happening in the first place, by ensuring that you're taken the appropriate steps to maximise security on your website.

If you haven't already done so, check out our free technical paper about "Securing websites", which discusses common ways web servers are attacked and the various ways they can be protected.

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5 Responses to Ronaldinho website Jar Jar Binks hack should be a warning to others

  1. Oddis · 1565 days ago

    Why is Jar Jar Bings considered a Star Wars hate figure? He is among the good guys isn´t he?

  2. This was an amusing article, it put a smile on my face. I myself am also not a fan of Binks. I'm wondering if this hack was a case of a failure to update the server or a weak password.

  3. Richard · 1565 days ago

    I love the fact you've described Jar Jar Binks as a hate figure, but not Osama! :o)

  4. Teqx · 1447 days ago

    That's awful..............................did you see the spelling of "For ever". The grammar is excusable, but there is no space in forever, and a capital F?

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