Avoid cyberwinter - turn Cybersecurity Awareness Week into a cybersafe lifestyle

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Next week - Monday 30 May 2011 to Friday 03 June 2011 - is National Cybersecurity Awareness Week (CSAW) in Australia. It's also the official start of winter.

Sophos has been an enthusiastic participant in CSAW events over the past few years, and has endorsed various industry initiatives introduced under the CSAW umbrella, such as the iCode, a scheme by which ISPs attempt to contact customers with virus infections and help them to clean up.

There's a problem with CSAW, however - namely that awareness of Awareness Week is low.

Additionally, of course, there's the problem that cybersecurity is something which requires attention all the time, not just one week of the year. In that sense, having a Cybersecurity Awareness Week is a little like having a Safe Driving Afternoon. You need to follow up your Safe Driving Afternoon with a safe driving lifestyle.

Various Sophos colleagues will be in various parts of Oz next week, including at a breakfast event put on by the Northern Territory Government in Australia's northernmost capital city, Darwin.

It may not be winter in Darwin itself - in fact, it was touching 31C at lunchtime - but it can get distinctly frosty online if you don't keep a lookout for yourself and your business whilst you're using the internet.

So, if you're a businessperson in Darwin, why not take advantage of the free National Cybersecurity Awareness Week Breakfast, which takes place at the Novotel Atrium Hotel on the Esplanade on the morning of Wednesday 01 June 2011?

Let guest speakers Peter Lee - a colleague of mine from Sophos in Brisbane - and Paul Morshead - from the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy - teach you how to protect your business data, online financial transactions and networks from cyberscams, fraud and theft.

Territorians, don't ask what you can do for your government - take advantage of what your government is doing for you! Register online now and turn Cybersecurity Awareness Week into a cybersafe lifestyle.

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7 Responses to Avoid cyberwinter - turn Cybersecurity Awareness Week into a cybersafe lifestyle

  1. Brenda · 1559 days ago

    Did someone hack the date? Monday is May 30.

  2. scott · 1559 days ago

    Sounds like a very good idea!
    Any events planed for North America?

    • Paul Ducklin · 1555 days ago

      You could keep an eye on our Anatomy of Attack event diary: http://www.sophos.com/en-us/about-us/events/anato...

      These are Sophos-hosted events (so they're not in partnership with any local, state or federal government bodies), but they aren't sales schpiels - you get a real, live, malware demo and a "know your enemy" insight into how to defend against the Bad Guys.

  3. Jenny Wood · 1555 days ago

    That is the weirdest map of the Northern Territory I have ever seen. The borders run North-South.

    • Paul Ducklin · 1555 days ago

      Well, all 2D maps are weak approximations :-) And having one of the recognised sorts of North at the top of the map is a convention which is not always followed (as here).

      However, it is the official marketing map of TravelNT.com - if you click on it, you'll go straight to the Tourism NT website. There, you'll see a conventional-looking map of Australia, but if you hover over NT, the entire Territory will zoom and rotate before your eyes.

      Perhaps the idea was to keep the full sweep of the Gulf of Carpentaria in the zoomed-in map? Or pehaps it just looks cooool?

      PS: Did you know the Western border of NT doesn't continue straight when it reaches SA? There was a surveying error, so the border has a 127m kink where SA/NT/WA (don't quite) meet, called "Surveyor General's Corner". Apparently, far fewer people have ever visited SG's Corner than have been to the South Pole.

  4. river58 · 1286 days ago

    you mean Summer? or are u talking about it being winter in austrailia?

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